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Dwight Walker
Resume of Dwight Walker, Director

Division 1computer

IT and networking

libraries and books

Division 2violinpianomultimediaonline music lessons

online music teaching and multimedia



Our solutions are built on the following:

IT and networking

IT contracting

IT project management

Web portals

Web and mobile search

business intelligence

mobile and tablet applications

network management

system administration

embedded systems (IoT)

libraries and books


library system consulting

supply chain management

WWWalker Library


Dwight Walker - Director

mob +61-(0)412-405727
tel +61-7-5293-7151 (VoIP)
Skype id: dwightwalker
Twitter: @dwightwalker
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If form fails due to repeated software errors i.e. you tick box but CAPTCHA still fails, please text Dwight Walker at +61412405727.

Registered Office/Postal Address (letters and parcels):


WWWalker Web Development Pty. Ltd.
Unit 1, 6 Hayes St
Caboolture QLD 4510

ACN 088 959 086
ABN 34 088 959 086
DUNS 757198684

Sole Trader - Recycling Supply Chain - HD Walker
ABN 62 438 308 713

New bank account as of 20/3/2017.

Proudly Australian started, based, operated and owned

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No Canvassing or Hawkers

We are not interested in canvassers of advertising on electronic bulletin boards or on shopper dockets in local stores.

We are not interested in companies hawking their wares.

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