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We studied chemistry with computer science in a BSc at the University of Queensland graduating in 1987. Since then UQ has merged Chemistry with Microbiology Departments and formed the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences which outsources drug and chemical testing facilities to the lucrative worldwide drug research industry.

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We used our computer science and chemistry background to develop open data applications for use in Australia: Salt Table Helper groundwater electrical conductivity Google Maps mashup for Queensland and soon New South Wales.

Scientific Information Management

As a science librarian, we are a rare commodity. This greatly improves scientific Website content and retrieval as we know the subject and can best improve the Website to get the best quality information out of it, whether that be the physical or biological sciences.

We have qualifications in organic and inorganic chemistry and computer science from a BSc at the University of Queensland. We also have an A in Chemistry in the Victorian HSC. We can use that skill together with our librarianship diploma from UNSW to do scientific research in chemistry for industry using Chemical Abstracts at a University level.

We researched greenhouse effect on global warming:

there is huge growth in CO2 over the past 14 years (36% from 1990-2004).

One site we did - MEPSA - was listed by ISI Web of Knowledge, part of the prestigeous Thomson Scientific publishing house - for its high quality scientific input - an award winning Website. The content is very high quality due to our research skills and scientific background, a winning combination in scientific circles.

We also indexed Southern Astronomy / Sky and Space 1988-92 in 1991 (after UNSW librarianship studies).

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Contact us if you need a pricing request for scientific or historic research, information systems or portals.

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