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Lookup Request

To comply with EU GDPR regulations effective 25 May 2018, any EU based business or person we have dealt with since 1 July 1997 as WWWalker Web Development or WWWalker Web Development Pty Ltd may

to see what data we hold on them and may ask us for a copy or to update or delete it.

If you have had something to do with us since 1997, see if your country is listed in the list below with * next to it.

* = we have records on people or businesses in this country at this point in time

By all means please update us with your new details if you have moved or no longer live in an EU country or have closed or merged.

Countries in EU are:

Countries that left EU:

Logging and Backups

Our Website logs IP addresses. This will give us your city but not your address.

We do use cookies on our Website which are periodically expired.

We keep offline backups of data.

Cyber Security

In August 2018, when transferring our .info domains to a new registry, we found out due to GDPR restrictions on data that .info domains only list company, state and country and no longer list email, street address or phone or email to stop spam. People will have to Google our company to find out our details now. This kills normal marketing via domain whois details due to spammers killing industry using whois data to flood mailing lists.

We are a trained system admin and proactively backup and patch our systems to prevent security attacks on our Websites or customer's Websites.

We do not sell your information. We do not spam.

In in 2017-2018, we have studied:

through CSU IT Masters to prevent spamming and phishing attacks and hackers or terrorists or cyber criminals penetrating our site to spread bots or spam.

We prevent passwords being stolen by using a password change policy.

Our site is hosted in AWS in USA not EU in an encrypted site that follows ISO 9001 quality control.

As of 24 May 2018, our site is now accessible via SSL encryption.


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