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Mobile Apps

Queensland Government Open Data Mobile Apps

NSW Government Open Data Mobile Apps

In December 2011, we tried to get embedded system contracts but NSW Government preferred dealing with large primary contractors so small firms have to subcontract to the primary contractor if they are lucky.

In 2014, 2015 and 2021, I gained access to open salt water data from the NSW State Government to create an innovative agriculture mobile app like in Queensland. I also tried to use NSW Government open data for e-ticketing and location based services for public transport using publically available data at a small fee per mobile application download.

NT Government Open Data Mobile App

In 2022, I extended groundwater salinity app to include NT groundwater data. This covered a vast area and many river basins.


Medical Falls App

In Feb-June 2015, we did QUT MOOCs on Robotics and Robotic Vision which led to fall app idea using accelerometer which we explored at Hacking Health at HISA Health Informatics Conference (HIC) in August 2015.

Agricultural Drones

In 2014, when I visited Home Hill North Queensland for groundwater salinity app tests, I explored use of drones for sugarcane crops surveillance.

Agribusiness: Irrigation IoT Automation

In 2019, we are working on developing software for an embedded system for irrigation automation.

Supply Chain Management

Agribusiness supply chain management includes warehousing, transport, robotic pickers and drones and logistics mashups.

In September 2015-September 2019, on edx.org we did 5 MIT MOOCs and a proctored comprehensive final exam on supply chain management attaining a MicroMasters in Supply Chain Management which led to better quoting, transport and distribution for IT industry and ecommerce.

In October 2017, Dwight Walker became forklift operator.

Software and Methodology

We program and cross-compile real-time software in C, C++, C#, assembler, Ada and MATLAB and use Qt, Python DB API and Java JDBC to connect to embedded databases like InterBase, Informix Dynamic Server and MySQL on Linux, FreeBSD and Windows XP for Intel, AMD, Motorola, Z80, RISC, TI OMAP 3650 and ESP8266 microprocessors.

This includes programming:

We use agile, incremental, waterfall and UML methodologies to design, implement, test and deploy the software.

Industrial Applications

Home Applications

Consumer or small business applications include managing and using portable multimedia devices like

over the


Staff Hitech Background

We are capable of handling building, testing and deploying embedded systems from our training, experience and licences:

This mix of skills is a rare level of expertise.

Computer scientists who major in operating systems, microprocessors and parallel processing are in demand and hard to find according to Microsoft Research. We are one of those professionals, purely by accident as we did this to finish our BSc in computer science! After 20 years this weird combo has proven very fruitful for our business and career!

We are seeking ventures in this area to capitalise on this knowledge and expertise and advance our business.

According to ResMed in June 2008, there is a slump in software engineers coming out of universities in Australia: a 50% drop in the last 5 years, 2002-2007 or so. They are considering outsourcing their real-time programming for medical devices to Indian developers. Australian developers should also be given a go as they are ready and able! ParraConnect in June 2010 is looking to train software engineers at UWS in Parramatta, NSW, Australia not overseas.

We will build Australian software talent by keeping the software development in Australia and not outsource offshore to save money on training and building vital practical experience in the real world.

We believe from our many years of experience in the IT industry that Australian businesses need more education re hi-tech systems or they will often ignore very good hi-tech opportunities because they can't understand them.

In WWWalker Web Development Pty Ltd we have a vehicle where we can face challenges by taking on the risk ourselves, train ourselves and go through the learning curve to add value to our country by developing software here not offshore and reap the benefit. Taking risks by keeping software local is where we are headed unlike many businesses who will not hire new recruits because it takes 2 to 3 years to get them up to speed. If businesses will spend that 2 to 3 years training staff, the benefits will be high. This assumes staff will stay with the business and return the investment that the boss put into them.

We think ahead not just of tomorrow. In our own little business sometimes it takes 2 to 3 years to get all the ducks in a row so that a project will go ahead but we venture out and don't just wait till someone overseas does it first and copy them. That would give the overseas company first-mover advantage and leave us in the dust yet again in Australia.


I am looking at embedded processors, e.g. DSP, FPGA and PCB, for industrial, medical, robotics, computer vision and mobile telephony applications.

In 2012, I tried to tender to Transport and Main Roads for traffic flow on Riverside Expressway in Brisbane but was blocked due to not being a Civil Engineer. From the above it is easy to see how technology can replace many Civil Engineer ways. The law is still bogged down in only letting engineers do such work instead of software engineers. See Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

Student Engineers

In December 2011, I have been approached by an electronics engineer interested in working for us to do embedded systems in FPGA for a transportation contract but there was no work as we are too small to win large contracts plus there is no money to invest in research and development to pay him to get us up to speed to compete with large companies in Sydney or Melbourne or overseas. He is going to USA in 2012, so we will build up our own inhouse expertise till we can hire or train a computer vision/robotics engineer.

There are no jobs at present in this business for student engineers.


Contact us if you have a specific need for embedded programming expertise and we will give you a quote. We are agile so can modify or adapt to what you need from a given prototype and have our own project management system to keep track of progress and expenses.

We have computer science, information management, robotics and supply chain to provide cutting edge applications and development strategies.

Embedded News

Centrelink / Dept of Human Services Virtual Assistants

Arduino Introduction at Jaycar by Jon Oxer and Marc of Freetronics

Jonathan Oxer is a very clever embedded developer for Linux in Melbourne. He knows Arjen Lentz of MySQL background in Brisbane like I do. Arjen also does talks on building Arduino kit at BarCamps in Brisbane area.

Jon Oxer: SuperHouseTV #17: Home automation control with Sonoff, Arduino, OpenHAB, and MQTT 9/16

Setup ESP8266 Arduino Clone Development Board

D1 Mini NodeMcu Lua WIFI ESP8266 Development Board

In Jun 2019, I did this with a NodeMCU board from eBay.

3D Printing

In August 2013, I saw 3D printing at QUT Robotronica day using an Arduino controller.

In November 2015, I visited a 3D printing reseller ZX 3D in Hemmant QLD with RDA Moreton Bay and Moreton Bay ICT and Digital Meetup (Moreton Technology Alliance) which no longer exists in 2/19.


DesignSpark is an opensource hardware design community that is free join and is sponsored by RS who supply parts and tools for designs proposed.

Cisco Webex Bots

In 2021, I studied Cisco DEVCOR 1.0 which covered developing Webex bots where operator can interact with Cisco routers via chatbot. This was very difficult to implement.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa app is a bot that runs on Amazon Echo device that takes verbal commands in many number of languages to order goods or to control devices or to retrieve information via query of internet or to interact with call centre to answer questions. Devices are connected to Echo to automate processes such as home automation or music selection.

Chatbots 3.2: Phone Actions with AIML (CallMom Mobile App) by Richard Wallace, Pandorabots, Inc

Using an AI backend, a small mobile app call CallMom that converts speech to text lets the user speak to the phone app which looks up a Web service to answer questions or interact with devices such as SMS, email or music on behalf of the user. This could be used to look up questions from a library database.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

On 12/12/13, I watched a webinar on Intelligent Transport Systems in USA and Europe using embedded Linux in vehicles and DSRC communications in control centres to enable vehicle collision avoidance, better traffic flow and roadworks notification. This has much potential for embedded integration for our business.

Australian Dept of Infrastructure - Intelligent Transport Systems is now in existence (10/3/17) so government is researching into ITS to remove traffic jams and improve traffic flows in capital cities.

Edge Devices

Many devices are edge devices in IoT so they don't have to upload to the cloud frequently. They have smarts on the device such as TensorFlow to do machine learning.


This is a Linux Conf Australia 2012 talk by Andrew Tridgell on UAV that seeks lost bushwalker dummy Jo in Kingaroy Queensland in annual quest.

Parking Lot Demonstration Using Open API

This is a demonstration of Catalyst - OAsIS - Open API's for a Vibrant IoT Systems at TM Forum Live! Asia 2017. A toy car is parked in parking lot using RFID to detect entry and exit of car and mobile app to book parking bay before arrival. Fan and light is switched on using mobile app. House is switched off on exit using mobile app and motion detector alert given of intruder and lights switched on to scare away intruder.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Telcos use open source software to open up their network to third party providers.

CORD: An Introduction to the Platform - ONF Bootcamp, May 23, 2017

Embedded Links

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