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Pricing Request

Contact us with a list of your specifications and your details for a quote.


In 2010, we do an internal quote and use that to guide our process. This stops the constant bickering between customer and developer. The customer can change it towards the end of the job but does not control the main process. We control the project management. Unfortunately small business want to be like big business but will not pay for the overheads so we absorb the overheads of project management and control the deal letting the customer tweak the final product as we see it (viable) vs how the customer sees it (unviable).

Most small businesses have tiny budgets especially for hi-tech services like ours so we end up quoting a price for a limited cookie-cutter product and then add-ons to get the final solution. One size fits all simplifies the project! Custom products are too costly for small companies.

Website Development Strategy

We have a strict process: specification then quote with change management.

A meeting or written agreement is necessary to clear up details before we do number-crunching to come up with a ballpark figure.

We limit the time spent on collecting information to 2 days.

Once the specification is signed off, we will then get back to you with a quote, so you can see if the price is in your range. We will keep the stage by stage detail to ourselves to save confusion and to remain confidential.

If you agree to the quote, we both sign a non-disclosure agreement which we have written before we start to protect copyright and business information on both sides and requires confidentiality to ensure future support.

The project is extended or modified using change management, quoting for the change and agreeing with the customer to start.

To do the Website, the customer can contact us using the form above or email us the content in Word, text or PDF format plus images (JPG or GIF zipped). They can also post us the images and files on CDROM, DVD or floppy. We can do the rest over the Internet without visiting the customer's site! Often though due to customer delays, we find a site visit often spurs the job on.

We will deliver a backup to the customer of the final software and data structures on CD via mail or zipped file via email.

Technical Support and Remote Assistance

We will be doing troubleshooting so will need to ask you questions or investigate your equipment via a visit or remote assistance to see what the problem is and fix it. We can liaise with the manufacturer's call centre or Website to get appropriate support on behalf of the customer.

Project Management

Project management is used in Web portals and technical support to document all the details and create a plan to complete the job. This may require a visit, communications or using our project management system to manage the details and create a solution.

We give a ballpark in our quote. There is high worth in systematic project management. We micromanage our own end to prevent feature creep and stop costoverruns.

Software Written

Software requires a specification which we use our project management system to capture and massage. We use agile development to keep ahead of incremental changes in the software. This is all done at our end and paid for by us.

Documentation and Articles

We write technical documentation such as functional specifications, software design specifications, user manuals, technical articles and setup manuals. We work with the editor or author. Usually it is all done remotely and the final documents and proofs are all done via email using Word, PDF or HTML. We also use inhouse content management systems in which to store documentation for easy update and to generate customer documentation in various formats on-demand.

We use our own software and hardware needed to edit the document offsite. We have our own laptop and have developed our own Web-based software to process and track the index and meta data.

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