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Beginnings and Pressures

We formed our own business to capture opportunities in Australia being let go to USA and UK too much! We are an Australian-based, agile, niche, hi-tech, international, competitive microbusiness started in 1997 with a rich diversity of experience to draw on. We are basic contractors on small, specific jobs - no open-ended work. We have tertiary qualifications (BSc, Grad Dip IM-Lib) to draw on.

We are an incorporated service-based company in the knowledge economy. Dwight Walker is our creator, director and manager. We have our own online resources and use the Internet heavily. We travel to other cities outside of where we are based to setup jobs for customers or work onsite.

We started in 1997 because we could see opportunities for working on the Internet and most Australian companies were sitting back waiting for USA to do it first then copy them. In 2010, most other companies have caught up and overtaken us. We decided to get in first and not lose the opportunity. This took risk on our part but we were not willing to see Australia left in the dust yet again but be the leading force in the World Wide Web industry, so we went for it.

We have hit a few disasters in the IT industry. We barely survived the dot com crash in 2001 due to being agile and willing to change and grow with the world economical conditions, going mobile from 2003 after moving to Orange from Sydney which saved on rental and storage costs.

After the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, we eventually moved to Brisbane in 2013 due to a series of failures.

Most of our customers used to contact us via phone, fax or email but now our local presence is more important. Before it was just our internet and mobile phone connectivity.

Most of our early customers were in USA, Canada and UK, not Australia (as usually is the case with our remote country), so we got very good at dealing with remote customers and still have our customers nearby and away from where we are based, using the Internet and onsite as our main vehicles for business.

From 2000, we moved into open source software such as Linux and away from Microsoft to cut costs and remain competitive. It was a risk but we have built up a niche now which has been steadily overtaken by hundreds of Indian Web developers at a much lower price point than us.

In 2013, we partnered with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft for cloud services.

In October 2016, we were now interested in digital publications indexing. We are mainly a Web developer and do backend development, EPUB publishing and taught violin and piano. Arts were replacing science as main source of income e.g. editing, publishing, violin teaching to upgrade IT infrastructure to grow business.

Since March 2020, due to COVID-19, music lessons stopped and IT consulting and Web development regrew again. Publishing has taken a very long time to complete.

Business Structure

In August 2017, due to insurance, we split the company into 3 divisions:

  • Division 1: IT (WWWalker Web Development Pty Ltd)
  • Division 2: Music Teaching (WWWalker Web Development Pty Ltd)
  • Sole Trader Music Performance (HD Walker)

In June 2020, we changed HD Walker to recycling supply chain management and music teaching ceased due to COVID-19.


In 2014-2020, we studied robotics and supply chain management via QUT and MIT MOOCs and got excellent marks. We went into embedded systems, systems programming, cloud computing, WordPress, remote support, Javascript, TypeScript interactivity and ecommerce.

In November 2017 to November 2019 and in 2022, to broaden our enterprise skills as hosting and domain white label service and increase social media marketing and data mining skills, we studied at CSU IT Masters MOOC and got high marks especially in security and data mining subjects:

  • Project Management Updated - PMBOK7
  • PRINCE2 Primer,
  • Cyber warfare and Terrorism,
  • Enterprise Cyber Security and
  • Phishing Countermeasures
  • Computer Network Fundamentals
  • Applied Social Media Marketing
  • Introduction to Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining


As of 19 April 2019, we switched from Oracle JDK to OpenJDK due to Oracle licensing commercial use of Java. This may have to be revised as some software will only run on Oracle Java.

Managing Director

Dwight Walker's video
Dwight Walker resume
Professional Associations:
Reseller Associations:
  • non-current
    • NETGEAR PowerShift Partner, 2011-2017
    • Microsoft Partner Network, 2011-2015
  • Agtech Brisbane
  • Amazon Web Services - Brisbane User Group
  • ArcGIS Solutions for Government
  • Australian Open Infrastructure User Group
  • BrisJS - Brisbane JavaScript
  • Brisbane Data Enabled Startups
  • Brisbane Internet of Things (IOT) Interest Group
  • Brisbane Project Managers, Business Analysts, Design Thinkers
  • Brisbane Python User Group
  • Brisbane Serverless Meetup Group
  • Brisbane VMUG (VMware User Group)
  • Canberra Semantic Web Meetup Group
  • DevOps Brisbane
  • DevOps Sydney
  • Drupal Brisbane
  • GDG Cloud Brisbane
  • GeoRabble Brisbane*
  • Los Angeles InDesign User Group*
  • PyData Brisbane
  • Ruby on Rails Oceania Sydney
  • Startup Ipswich
  • The Online ColdFusion Meetup

* = non-Meetup, rest Meetup

  • Software Engineer/Programmer: C, C++, C#, Pascal, Ada, Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, BASIC, SQL database programming, bash, Javascript, TypeScript, MATLAB
  • Technical writer, editor, researcher, EPUB publisher
  • Webmaster, information architect, librarian, information manager
  • Network Manager, Sysop: PC, LAN, ADSL, NBN and WiFi systems support
  • English - fluent
  • bush fiddler
Contact details:
  • Yahoo! Messenger: roorythmics
  • Skype: dwightwalker
  • Twitter: @dwightwalker
  • Facebook: dwightwalker
  • LinkedIn: dwightwalker
  • Slideshare: wwwalker
  • Mobile: +61-(0)412-405727
  • Tel: +61-7-5293-7151 (VoIP)
  • postal: Unit 1, 6 Hayes St, Caboolture QLD 4510 Australia


Hexley: Darwin We have experience in these systems:

Linux | UNIX | Mac | Windows | Mobile Systems | Networks and Hardware

SystemPoweruserProgrammerSysopWeb programmerStatus
Operating Systems
Debian 8 Jessie, Debian 9 Stretch, Knoppix, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Xandros Linuxes1 mth5 yrs6 yrslive
CentOS 3.6, 5.9, 5.111 yrdead
Fedora Core 3 Linux1 mth1 mthdead
Slackware Linux2 mths8 mths1 yrdead
SuSE and OpenSuSE Linuxes2 mths8 mths1 yrdead
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.10, 5.181 mthdead
Red Hat Linux 5.1, 7.02 yrs3 yrsdead
XAMPP3 mths3 mths3 mths3 mthsdead
FreeBSD 6.22 yrslive
OpenSolaris 61 mthdead
SunOS/HPUX UNIX2 yrs1 yrdead
Windows 113 mthslive
Windows 101 yr1 yrdead
Windows 8.11 mth1 mthdead
Windows 74 years 4 mths6 mthsdead
Windows Server 2012 R21 mth1 mth1 mth1 mthdead
Windows Server 2008 R21 mth1 mth1 mth1 mthdead
Windows Vista1 mthdead
Windows XP Pro2 yrs1 yrdead
Windows 20001 mth1 mthdead
Mobile Systems
Android 9.0.12 yrs3 mthslive
Android 4.12 yr3 mth1 mthdead
Windows Phone 81 yr6 mth6 mthdead
Nokia MeeGo Harmattan1 yr3 mths3 mths6 mthsdead
BlackBerry1 mthsdead
Apple Mac OS X 10.3.9, 10.4, 10.14.51 mth1 mthdead
Apple Darwin1 mthdead
Networks and Hardware
Microsoft, TCP/IP, Novell NetWare LANs10+ yrs1 mth10+ yrs10+ yrslive
Intel, AMD, Z80 microprocessors10+ yrs4 yrs8 yrs10+ yrslive
NodeMCU ESP8266 (IoT)1 mth1 mthlive
virus scanners and backup/restore10+ yrs5 yrslive
setup of cable/ADSL/NBN modems, wireless broadband and WLANs, routers, firewalls, NAS4 yrslive
GPRS/3G/4G/mobile Internet/wifi5 yearslive
Skype VoIP6 mthslive
Facebook Messenger VoIP3 mthslive
Zoom VoIP10 mthslive
Amazon Web Services5 yrslive
Microsoft Azure1 mthdead

We build sites using:

GUI | Databases | Portals | IDEs | Testing | Mobile | Embedded, Robotics | Operating Systems and Networks | Information Management

Language Platform Development Tool Applications
JavaScript, TypeScript internet, intranet JavaScript and TypeScript on Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers bookmarking, hierarchical navigation bars, mobile applications, elearning
Graphic Design, Page Layout, Image Processing, Flash, Web Design internet, intranet, printing
  • Adobe Photoshop,
  • The GIMP,
  • Adobe PageMaker on Windows,
  • Adobe InDesign CC,
  • Adobe Flash CC,
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC,
  • ImageMagick,
  • bash (UNIX shell),
  • custom Web-based indexing,
  • MediaWiki
  • wallpapers,
  • images,
  • animations,
  • 3D,
  • simple logos,
  • icons,
  • user interfaces (UI),
  • books,
  • newsletters,
  • online publishing,
  • batch image processing,
  • mobile book indexing,
  • interactive Websites,
  • ebooks
SQL Databases internet, intranet
  • MySQL,
  • MariaDB,
  • Postgresql,
  • Microsoft SQL Server,
  • Perl DBI,
  • Interbase,
  • Firebird,
  • KinterbasDB Python DB API 2.0 module
  • Flask SQLAlchemy Python extension
  • membership databases,
  • competitions entry forms,
  • interactive online trading sites,
  • mobile IT support system
Microsoft Databases internet, intranet
  • ASP.NET,
  • ASP,
  • Access,
  • ADSI (Active Directory Service Interfaces),
  • IIS Web server on Windows,
  • Microsoft SQL Server,
  • .NET Framework,
  • PHP
  • online catalogues,
  • virtual Web server management,
  • content management systems
Apple Databases internet, intranet MySQL on Mac OS X network marketing portal
HTML5, CSS internet, intranet text editors static Web sites, mobile apps
Perl internet, intranet Perl 5 on Linux and FreeBSD and Windows (Strawberry Perl) using MySQL, MariaDB and Postgresql guestbooks, form processing, Web databases, file uploads, Koha library system, UTF-8 MARC record cleaning
PHP internet, intranet PHP5.6 or PHP7 including refactoring PHP4 and PHP5 to PHP7 on Linux or CentOS or Microsoft Windows using MySQL or Postgresql or Microsoft SQL Server or Interbase, Firebird, ADOdb, BPAY integration form processing, Web databases, ecommerce integration, PDF invoice generation, webmail, WordPress
PHP/Postgresql internet, intranet reverse engineering CodeCharge IDE generated pages for Linux, Postgresql, PHP, PgAdmin, phpPgAdmin Web portal for managing EFTPOS terminals
PHP, XML, SOAP, JSON, REST internet PHP4, PHP5 and PHP7, Linux, Zend Framework 2.0, Laminas Project, Postman Web services, Mobile Applications, Transport Industry, Water Industry, portals
AJAX internet, intranet PHP, XML, Java OpenJDK, SQL Databases, JSON interactive Web portals, Web services, Web 2.0
ASPinternet, intranetASP on Windows using Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Accessportals, mailing lists, member-only areas, form processing, Web databases
ASP, ASP.Net, PHP and Perl scripts internet
  • Woocommerce for WordPress,
  • iNETStore,
  • Zen Cart,
  • osCommerce,
  • PayPal,
  • SecurePay,
  • Microsoft Access,
  • SSL on Windows and Linux,
  • ASP.Net,
  • ASP.NET Developer Center,
  • Phalanger PHP Compiler for .NET
integrating ecommerce, open source portals
Content Management Systems internet, intranet
  • WordPress,
  • Joomla!,
  • Drupal,
  • SilverStripe (PHP 5.3.2+, jQuery),
  • PHPNuke,
  • MagpieRSS,
  • templates:
    • Apache Struts,
    • Smarty,
    • Mustache
  • Django Project,
  • CakePHP,
  • CodeIgniter,
  • phpBB,
  • MySource Matrix,
  • Zope,
  • PHP,
  • MySQL,
  • MariaDB,
  • XML
  • company and community Web portals,
  • conference management,
  • blogs,
  • wikis,
  • forums and newsfeeds,
  • accessibility (WCAG 2.0 AA)
Learning Management Systems internet, intranet
  • Moodle,
  • SCORM (e-learning),
  • templates:
    • Apache Struts,
    • Smarty,
    • Mustache
  • PHP,
  • MySQL,
  • MariaDB,
  • XML
  • online training,
  • accessibility (WCAG 2.0 AA)
Python internet, intranet Python 2.7 and 3.9 on Linux or FreeBSD; KinterbasDB, Firebird Database and Squid Cache, Django Project, Flask, SQLAlchemy content filtering, network programming, Symbian mobile programming, content management systems
Ruby internet, intranet Ruby with Ruby on Rails Framework on Apache and Mongrel Web servers on Linux or FreeBSD or Windows dynamic HTML Web sites, network programming, string processing
Java, JSP, XML internet, intranet Tomcat, Ant, XML, Geronimo; IDEs: Eclipse, NetBeans, BlueJ, Java OpenJDK, Liberica Java Web services, mobile applications, no longer Java applets
JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML5 internet, intranet JavaScript and TypeScript on Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, jQuery, nodejs, Angular, React, JSON, Windows mobile applications, Web GUI, system programming
Java, J2EE internet, intranet IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition, IBM JVM 1.5 on Windows XP, Linux, Eclipse IDE, Tomcat, Geronimo, Apache Derby database, Java OpenJDK interactive Web portals, Web services, enterprise messaging
WebAssembly (WASM), Javascript, TypeScript, NodeJS internet Windows, Linux, browser plugins networking, Web services, mobile apps
.NET, Mono, ASP.NET, PHP, C# internet, intranet Novell Mono Project, Microsoft .NET Framework, SQL Server, Office, Outlook; DotNetNuke; Windows Phone portals, complex Websites, groupware, records management, mobile apps
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) internet, intranet Zurmo, PHP7, MariaDB/MySQL, Apache Web portals, marketing, sales
Project Management internet, intranet methodologies: Waterfall, Incremental, Object-Oriented (OOP), MVC (Model-View-Controller), agile; modelling: UML large Web portals, mobile apps
Configuration, Bug Tracking, CI/CD internet, intranet
  • repositories:
    • CVS,
    • Subversion,
    • Git,
    • Bitbucket,
    • GitHub,
    • GitLab,
    • custom using PHP, MySQL and MariaDB;
  • IDEs:
    • Eclipse,
    • NetBeans;
  • clients:
    • TortoiseCVS,
    • TortoiseSVN,
    • TortoiseGit;
  • tickets:
    • trac and python
project management, portals or complex Websites, open source projects
UML internet, intranet object-oriented system modelling tools and methodologies: ArgoUML large Web portals, real-time, embedded or messaging systems
testing (BDD, TDD) internet, intranet cucumber large Web portals
Visual C#, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB, Javascript, TypeScript internet, GPRS/3G/4G mobile phone networks, wifi (802.1X) Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Apache Cordova (PhoneGap), NodeJS, Sencha Touch, JSON, JPEG, MP4, audiovisual, touch screen, tablet, smartphone, Mac Mini (Cordova build) mobile multimedia interactive training with subtitles
Java, Visual C#, C++, Python, PHP, MySQL, MariaDB internet, GPRS/3G/4G mobile phone networks, wifi (802.1X) Nokia Qt, MeeGo for Nokia, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Xamarin, Mono (.NET), Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Java OpenJDK Web services, location-based services
Embedded, Robotics
MATLAB, Python internet, GPRS/3G/4G mobile phone networks, wifi (802.1X) drones, arm robots, robotic vision remote health, agriculture surveillance, control systems
Arduino, ESP8266, C internet, GPRS/3G/4G mobile phone networks, wifi (802.1X), sensors irrigation automation agriculture surveillance, control systems
Operating Systems and Networks
Virtualization internet, intranet VMware, VirtualBox to run Windows on Debian Linux or Mac OS X, or vice versa, identify if instance is VM or not hosting, testing, disaster recovery, outsourcing
Identity Management internet, intranet Various standards - Web 2.0 single sign on, portals
cloud computing Internet
  • Ubuntu 10.04,
  • Debian Lenny, Jessie and Stretch,
  • Windows Server 2008 R2,
  • oauth
  • iam
  • serverless
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • VMware Tanzu (Kubernetes)
  • Letsencrypt SSL
  • network configuration for email (Postfix, Dovecot),
  • Web (Apache),
  • DNS (Bind),
  • security (Openssl, iptables),
  • database (MySQL, MariaDB)
C, C++ internet, intranet Debian Linux, MySQL C API large scale data imports, Web services
package managers internet, intranet
  • Windows: Chocolatey
  • Linux: rpm, apt
software management
devops internet, intranet Ansible, Puppet, Nagios, PHP, C, Perl, Python infrastructure management
CIFS, NFS internet, intranet Network Area Storage (Synology), Samba, WebDAV backup, mirroring, disaster recovery
Backup, Security, Hosting internet, intranet
  • FreeBSD,
  • Linux,
  • Windows,
  • Amazon Web Services S3 and EC2 instances,
  • bash,
  • Perl,
  • Antivirus
  • Veeam (VM backup)
  • rsync
  • tarball
  • backup,
  • restore,
  • disaster recovery,
  • site migration,
  • virus scanning,
  • hacker repairs,
  • hosting
Information Management
Library Management Systems internet, intranet
  • Windows,
  • Debian Linux,
  • Koha,
  • Resourcemate,
  • Collectorz,
  • Perl,
  • PHP,
  • MySQL,
  • MariaDB
  • library system setup and consulting,
  • copy cataloguing,
  • research,
  • editing,
  • publishing,
  • indexing,
  • Web services,
  • mobile applications,
  • barcoding
meta data Internet Google AdWords search engine optimisation
C, C++ internet, intranet Ubuntu Linux, Cloud Computing, SBR XBRL, MySQL C API, MariaDB C API, JSON, Hydstra API, Swagger, ABN Lookup API, patents API taxation Web services, database, big data, water Web services, ABN lookup, patents, Koha MARC records, Microsoft security updates
Go internet, intranet Debian Linux, Cloud Computing, MySQL Go SQL Connector database, big data, water Web services
Erlang internet, intranet Debian Linux, Cloud Computing, RabbitMQ, Koha library system messaging, library systems
Elixir internet, intranet Debian Linux, Cloud Computing supply chain
Scala internet, intranet Debian Linux, Cloud Computing, Java OpenJDK Web services
awk, sed, bash, shell (bash, csh, sh), python internet, intranet Linux, FreeBSD, BeautifulSoup text processing for large data imports
Data Importing and Exporting internet, intranet parsing various delimited flat files into central MySQL database using PHP, eBay product and image importing finance, bookkeeping, billing systems, information systems, ecommerce, patents, Hansard parsing, ABN searches, Google Maps geocoding and mashups
C#, .NET standalone PC, intranet Microsoft Office 365 Office integration, archives, digital preservation
Supply Chain Management
Hadoop, MapReduce internet
  • cloud computing in Hadoop at Apache,
  • MapReduce,
  • Windows Azure HDInsight,
  • machine learning
grid and cluster computing and high-end search and research
R, AMPL intranet Windows, Linux, MacOSX research, supply chain linear algebra analysis, MILP, mathematics programming, data mining, machine learning, AI

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