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App NameVideoCompanySystemStartedAppsStatusDescriptionTask
MicrosoftWindows Phone 8 (ex Mango)/Nokia Lumia20112PlanningDevelopment
Salt Table Helper (QLD)YouTube videoWeb BrowserPHP/Javascript/HTML5/CSS2013-20152Prototypegroundwater electrical conductivity mashupDevelopment
The HopeWeb BrowserHTML5/CSS/Sencha/Android20141Taken Off Market by OwnerEnglish as a Second Language toolBackend development: debugging JSON and media configuration

Salt Table Helper App

We entered Queensland DISITIA Science Open Data Award 2014 and were finalist for our app Salt Table Helper. It uses DNRM groundwater data mashed up with Google Maps. Currently it covers Queensland and in 2015 NSW. It is to help farmers or land owners find salty areas of their land and plan how to best manage it.


In June 2014, I bought a Samsung Android 4.1 Smartphone and have seen a huge increase in productivity using over 10 location-based services from Google Play mainly government, telco and shopping apps. We have used it successfully to test Android applications.

From 2014, I used Xamarin to develop cross-platform .NET apps for Windows Phone and Android. In February 2016, Microsoft started to acquire Xamarin.


In February 2012, we setup a PHP script on the mail server to be triggered when a certain sender email address appeared to email a copy of the body to an SMS gateway to alert the developer of work coming in. This failed as the email had MIME header information I had not parsed so junk was SMS-ed to me not the body. I now rely on SMS direct from the supplier's site not me munging it into an email which I email to an SMS gateway.

Testing Mobile Apps

In December 2012, due to high cost ($10,000 for 20 x $500 smartphones), we did not pursue setting up a test lab for mobile apps for international developers to see how fast they operate on 3G networks and WIFI in Australian conditions. We suggested the overseas developers use coverage maps from Telstra, Vodafone and Optus and ask manufacturers Nokia, Apple, Samsung and Blackberry for access to remote testing labs.

We approached Telstra Mobile Innovation Lab for access to do testing on their devices but they did not reply so will have to come up with own VM version of each device in the Cloud.

Platform Migrations Descending

Mobile News

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