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eServers Glossary - decoding the jargon!

IBM, being the ulimate geeks, encode all the product names with esoteric names. Below is our effort to decode this for the average pleb.

BrandAcronymSizeCPUOSForm FactorsLanguagesUser Groups
Lenovo bought System x (Redbook xREF: IBM x86 Server Reference)x = XeonSmall64-bit Intel XeonLinux, WindowsBladeCenter
AIXp = POWERMid-Range64-bit POWER5 and POWER5+AIX 5L or OpenPower (Linux)p5
IBM ii = AIXMid-Range64-bit POWER5 aka RS/6000 (Intel emulator)i5/OS aka AS/400 and OS/400, Linux, AIX 5L, Windowsi5iSociety, AS400 Blog
Power Systems (replace iSeries)POWER = Power RISC ProcessorMid-Range64-bit POWER7IBM i, AIX, UNIX, LinuxPOWER7iSociety
z Systemsz = z (big)Mainframez9, zec12Linux on System z9, z/OS aka OS/390, z/VM, z/VSE, VSE/ESA, TPF, z/TPFz9-109 zEC12Python Port, UNIX ported tools


IBM Connections wikicommunity documentation
Information management: DB2database
Middleware: WebSphereWeb application server
DevOps: Rational Developerworks
Rational Home
Build Forge
CASE tools, middleware, embedded IDE tools, DevOps tools
Rational ClearCasesoftware configuration management
ex Lotus: Connect 2017
Collaboration Solutions
IBM Domino
IBM Notes and Domino 9 Social Edition: Messaging Server
IBM Notes: Integration Tools
Workplace Collaboration Services
SPSSstatistics, surveys, business intelligence, data mining, data modeling
Informix Dynamic Server (IDS)embedded database, IoT, NoSQL
Netezza appliance
big data in the cloud, data warehousing, business intelligence, analytics
IBM Customer EngagementWatson supply chain, Watson ecommerce, Watson marketing, large retail department stores
Cloud and smart infrastructure solutions: Tivoli (manual)network fault management (NBN)
IBM Smarter Workforce - Kenexa - IBM Watson TalentHuman Resources and Recruitment
IBM Watson - AI - IBM Watson Analytics Community - medical simulatormedical, cognitive, AI computing
Pure Systemscloud
WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration, Cast Iron Web APIcloud
Xtify, Xtify (2)push notification, messaging
IBM BlueMix, IBM Cloud: BlueMix (2)PaaS, cloud
IBM Blockchainblockchain, finance tech, accounting, distributed


mainframetape libraries (petabyte)TS3200


Industry Collaboration

IBM is in numerous industry groups:


High Entry Costs

You get the impression IBM deals with middle to large companies. Small companies like ours struggle to make use of the good software due to lack of infrastructure - communications bandwidth and processor speed, hard disk size and RAM size. Capital is what it is all about hey? IBM needs to break its downloads into smaller chunks e.g. 50MB, and port its software to less high-end versions of operating systems e.g. Fedora. We are being squeezed out of our own industry - open source software - in the stampede to capitalise on Linux as an alternative to Solaris, Windows, SCO and Mac OS X.

Be careful of what IBM does. They will sway the industry and have such huge intellectual property investments in alternative operating systems that they will sew up the computer world. They take out more patents per day than any other company for 13th consecutive year! (IBM takes out 2941 US patents in 2005 - 1100 more than any other company - then: Canon 1828, HP 1797, Matsushita 1688, Samsung 1641.) They are pushing into 3rd world countries where no-one cares about Microsoft and making huge coups for Linux over Windows e.g. Peru, Brazil, China.

So the only way to beat IBM is:

  1. have more patents (incredibly hard - you'd need billions of dollars in staff and equipment) or
  2. outrun them and use smallness to bamboozle them (OK if you have the energy and resources) or
  3. make your own software outside their controls (possible but limited in scope - bit like a withered branch on a vine - this has been our way since people have ripped us off when outsourcing to them - we own the source and license it to them to stop this 'pinching your brain and leaving you with nothing' mentality of today's wasters)

IBM don't seem to be that bright when it comes to dealing with small business. It is like a torrent of information coming at you from them but not much filtering goes on when dealing with that kind of brontosaurus so it almost becomes comical how bad they are at small tasks. They have NO creativity: all suits and straight down the line conservatives.

In the late 1990s, IBM moved into the middlware tools market (e.g. Rational) away from their hardware market. Hardware made little money on the margins as it is cloned by Taiwanese companies with no royalties.

They make billions out of services by partnering with IT consultants. Partnering requires a non-disclosure agreement and business plan. They are very straight with business plans and business value (total cost of ownership). They deal with the suits in a business (non-technical side). So to deal with IBM, you have to be very business like. This will tighten up your balance sheet and profit and loss statement (a good thing really) and make you think what you will get out of being a part of a very big organisation's connections.

I once visited IBM at Pennant Hills, Sydney. It was like being a rebel fighter entering the Death Star - massive entrance and floors and floors of consultants, technical specialists and marketing people swarming everywhere. I felt totally out of place! I'm more into PCs (microprocessors) and smaller handheld systems so going near a mainframe hub was a bit daunting! I prefer smallness and flexibility than centralist control systems that people like governments and armies use to muster up power and control over the masses.

jStart Team on Emerging Technology

I have considered partnering with IBM and visited their St Leonards NSW base in 15 March 2011 to attend a big data Sydney SMAQDown meetup presentation on Hadoop on how the British Library archived the internet and also saw their very interesting computer museum. IBM Emerging Internet Technologies jStart team in Australia sponsored this meetup.

NSW Trade and Investment Digital Economy Industry Action Plan 2012

Ex IBM's Glenn Wightwick (Director, IBM Research and Development - Australia, and Chief Technologist for IBM Australia) worked with NSW Government to hold forums in regional NSW in March 2012 of which I went to Orange one in 20/3/12. He was appointed in July 2014 as Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) at UTS (UTS appoints leading technologist to head up research 7/14).

IBM Software Innovate 2012

This is a software and systems seminar in Melbourne 14/8/12 and Sydney 16/8/12.

Big Data Webinars

IBM Webinars are high bandwidth and require Flash. They don't work well on Vodafone 3G. PDF download works but not audio streaming. Close all other windows in browser other than Webinar or there will be no audio. Firefox with Flash 11 plugin on Linux works.


In April 2013, IBM acquired UrbanCode a DevOps tools vendor.


Hardware sales down

IBM sold xSeries and Bladecenter to Lenovo in Jan 2014 for $2.3Bn after 7 quarters decreasing hardware sales.


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